Principles of Technical Medicine

Welcome to the Principles of Technical Medicine website.

This website gives the outline of a movement that is working to better visualise what Technical Medicine is, how it came into being and, most importantly, its place in and contribution to the medical world adding to the established knowledge and expertise already present in medicine and surgery.
Basically, we want to describe the principles of the discipline and practices now emerging in several Dutch clinical settings.

With an extensive group of contributors we are in a creative process, with as a first step, this website. Over time, more pieces will be added and existing ones expanded until it gives a full picture of Technical Medicine. So keep an eye on this website to stay informed about the latest updates.

On behalf of our contributors: 
Jouke Tamsma, Heleen Miedema, Marleen Groenier, Jasmina Basic, Roel Verhoeven, Jarah Kessler, Lysette Scheepmaker and Eliane Mocking-Nieuwenhuis

Jouke Tamsma
Marleen Groenier
Roel Verhoeven
Eliane Mocking-Nieuwenhuis

Heleen Miedema
Jasmina Basic
Jarah Kessler
Lysette Scheepmaker